People often think that Vasthu applies only for one's own property and not for rented property. This is absolutely wrong and vasthu will be same whether it’s an own or rented property.

While it will be great for anybody to find such a perfect property, it's often not that easy and hence we have given below some basic things when you look for a rented property

  • 1North and East wall of house should be independent and South and West wall can be a shared wall
  • 2Windows must in the north and east side near the north and east corner of the house.
  • 3The main entrance of that house should be at the positive position
  • 4Bore, sump, well should be in the north east part outside house.
  • 5Septic tank in the north west corner of the house.
  • 6Never have Bore, sump and well in the south west and south east part of the house.
  • 7No pooja room , Toilet, Kitchen in North east corner of the house
  • 8If the house is a corner house, then good therukuthu or theru parvai is a must.
  • 9External stair case should not be in the north east portion of the plot.
  • 10No internal stair case in the four corners of the house


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