Every couple after marriage is full of dream of giving birth to a new baby and all the parents wish to see their grandson or daughter soon.

Giving birth to a child is God biggest gift in our life. This could only be possible when they reside in a good house as per vasthu.

When there is a vasthu defect in the South east part of the house, the birth of a new baby gets affected. This is supported by the North east part and the south west part of the house.

When there is a depression or more space in the south, the female of the house gets affected. Also there are chances of the no progeny for the family when there is a defect in the north east part of the house. The chances of getting a female or male baby can also be determined by the structure of the house.

One has to correct the particular part of the house as per vasthu.

Generally the problem can be corrected by visiting the suggested temple which suits for particular problem of the house.

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