It is always important to have a healthy and happy family environment to go up to next level in your life. For a house with quarrelsome family will always face financial drain, bad career growth and poverty.

The North East part of the house should always be kept open and properly ventilated to get more positive energy. If North East part of the house is closed with bed room or toilet or kitchen, it stops good positive energy coming into the house which disturbs the thought of the family members.

When there is a depression in the south west part of the house, the relationship between husband and wife gets affected. And when there is a depression in the North West part of the house aided by the south west part, there are chances of divorce and separation.

As far as kids are concerned, their studies are affected and we lose control over them if the east and north east part of the house gets severely affected.

One could correct these defects and lead a happy and healthy life. And this could be corrected by visiting the temple suggested for the particular problem.

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